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 David Cavagnaro Photography

Stock Photographic File

I maintain and market a home file of 50,000 stock photos which is heavily used by most nature and horticultural book , magazine, and calendar publishers. My background in the natural sciences has earned me a reputation for accurate captioning and the free sharing of biological and horticultural information. Editors contacting me with requests and want lists by phone, fax, or e-mail will receive prompt delivery.

I do occasional assignment work but prefer book and magazine projects I can plan, plant and photograph in my own three acres of home flower and vegetable gardens.

In addition to my own file, my work is represented by the following agencies:

U.S.: DRK Photo, Peter Arnold, Visuals Unlimited, Natural Selection

England: Garden Picture Library (hort material only)

Italy: Grazia Neri, Panda

France: Sunset

Japan: Pacific Press Services




I have kept a small select file of nature photos in the home file; the bulk of my nature material is marketed by my agencies. Coverage includes scenics and (especially) close-ups of birds, mammals, marine mammals, amphibians and reptiles, spiders, insects, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, ferns, mosses, lichens, fungi, habitat studies, ecological relationships, plant-animal associations, biological sequences and stories, geology and weather.

Specialties include natural form and abstract close-ups, wildflower portraits, backlighting and other poetic macrophotographs, feather patterns from wide selection of exotic birds.

Geographical areas:

Wilderness areas of western North America: Sierra Nevada, Trinity Alps, Wind Rivers, Olympics, Sawtooths, Cascades, Alaska, Hawaii and the Leeward Islands, Sonoran , Mojave, and Great Basin Deserts, Canyonlands, Badlands, Central California coast, grassland, marsh, and coast range habitats.

Midwestern U.S.: Woodlands, prairies, and marshlands of Iowa and surrounding areas. Upper midwest farmlands, rural scenics and agriculture.

Baja California: Central peninsula, Pacific islands, grey whale breeding lagoons


Galapagos Islands: The whole of the archipelago, including highlands and evolutionary coverage.

Canada: Lake Superior region of Ontario, autumn only.

Maine: Deer Isle and Blue Hill area, spring and autumn only.

Smoky Mountains: Blue Ridge country, spring only.

Ecuador: Limited Andean flora and scenery.

Philippines: Luzon rice terraces, Corregidor, limited scenery and forest; Mindinao tropical logging, forestry.

Panama: Tropical humid forest of San Blas, Kuna Indians.

Australia: Natural history and forest material from NSW and Victoria; Melbourne and Sydney areas.




I maintain a constantly expanding file of garden scenics, midrange shots, species and cultivar portraits, harvest photos, and gardening processes.

Specialties include accurately identified cultivars, heirloom flowers and vegetables, harvest collages, poetic close-ups.

Vegetables: Extensive coverage of vegetable gardens, edible landscapes, and cultivars across the full range of vegetable crops.

Heirloom vegetables and flowers: During eight years as garden manager at the Seed Savers Exchange I grew l5,000 heirloom vegetable varieties and have the definitive collection of photos of old varieties. Working with Select Seeds, I have a similar collection of heirloom flowers.

Vegetable harvest and collage photos: Highly colorful and often published tapestries.

Edible flowers: Plant portraits, harvest shots, and fancy dishes made with edible flowers.

Herbs: Extensive collection of culinary and medicinal herb photos and herb gardens.

Perennials: Comprehensive file of both popular and scarce perennials, especially from California and the northeastern US, smaller amount of SW and subtropical material.

Annuals: Nearly all genera and many cultivars of common and less common garden annuals.

Trees, shrubs, and vines: Strong on details and weaker on full-plant portraits, this is a growing part of the file. Major contributions to Audubon Field Guides to Trees provided lots of leaf and bark details.

Bulbs: Some hardy bulb material, extensive collection of container and garden grown summer bulb plants.

Natives: Strong coverage of native plants and wildflowers used in horticulture.

Garden processes: growing file of process-oriented photos such as pruning, planting, transplanting, dividing, root cellars, coldframes, etc.

Garden pests and weeds: Good weed coverage, some insects, fungi, and other garden problems.

Children and adults in gardens: Many photos have children or adults interacting in gardens.


The art of photographing nature's beauty, in natural light.

Your phone and e-mail inquiries are welcomed.

Picture Availability: These and other images are available for sale for publishing only with written authorization from David Cavagnaro and David Cavagnaro Photography. High-quality custom prints of pictures presented in these galleries are available upon request. Please see purchasing information for details.

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